Friday, May 25

New or Not So Much

I am so frustrated today.

At the end of March we had a price given to us by a roofing company to tear off the existing shingles and put up new. As well as replace our gutters.

We told them that we would be paying with our income tax returns and we would give them our deposit when we received it.

We also told them that we wanted to work to be done the first week of May.

No problem. We can do that. Just let us know when you get your refund money. Etc.

The sales guy gave us "friendly" calls once or twice a week for the three weeks until we got our refund. He then drove to our house the same day we told him and picked up our deposit check.

I have called countless times to get the addresses of houses they have done in certain colors so we could pick a color. That has been like pulling teeth.

The first week of May comes and then goes and we still haven't been given the color references. I keep calling.

We finally get what we are looking for and I call and tell them what color. I ask again about the schedule. I had been told before that they have been really busy because of the rain and winds and people having leaky roofs. I had told them that since ours thankfully wasn't leaking that we are ok with them helping those people but I want to be put on the schedule for the 19th (since originally we were told we had to be there by the sales guy).

I am told they can't do the 19th but they can the week after during the week. I say we won't be home but I am then told we don't need to be. That they do this all the time when people aren't home because of the noise. So I agree a bit reluctantly to be put on the schedule for today May 25th.

I call on Monday of this week to see what time they will be there and how this all works.

I make arrangements to get my dog out of the house for the day so that he doesn't go completely crazy.

Fast forward to this morning at about 9am and I call the roofing company and of course had to leave a message. I say I just want to confirm they are there and wonder if they will still be there when I get off of work, blah blah blah.

I get a phone call back around 9:30 stating they can't do our house today since their job from yesterday ran over and they won't have time today to get to ours. But they promise next Tuesday or Wednesday. UGH>>>>>>

I again voice my frustrations at their scheduling and say that fine put us down but I will have to see if I can make arrangements for my dog again. Keep in mind I was assured on Monday that the only way they wouldn't be at our house is if it rained. It isn't raining! It is quite sunny, in fact.

So the moral of the story is to not be nice and accommodating but to get on the schedule before you hand over any money. I think I am going to ask them to give us some more money off for the hassle. What do you think?

They better be there next week.

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jeneflower said...

Godd advice! Don't give money before they come out. I hope you don't have to wait too much longer!