Thursday, May 10

Oh so Crafty

There are so many people who go to work, go home, maybe read a book, and piddle a bit around their house.

I do a lot of those things as well but I also have a need to be crafty.

I have dabbled in so many different types of crafts that I have lost count.

My current obsessions are my scrapbooks, knitting, sewing, and jewelry making.

I have a spare bedroom in our house that I keep slowing taking over. I love that I can keep a project out on the table that is in there. Even Belle has a small kids table set up next to mine. She loves to paint, draw, make jewelry, play with play do, and so many other things.

I have a hard time understanding how someone can have no desire to have a hobby that lets your creative juices flow. These type of people seem to be out there everywhere but I think they can't possibly be happy. Even if they are super busy they need to have something that is their own that they love to fill in the spare moments.

I may only get a few minutes at a time to work on a project but those moments can be so fulfilling. You get great satisfaction looking at something you made yourself.

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