Monday, May 21

Where Has The Time Gone

I can't believe it is Monday again so soon. I feel like I am drowning under an ever growing to-d0 list.

My knitted bag is done, felted, and put together. I had taken pictures of it but forgot to get them off of my camera. I will post a picture soon.

I have been trying to teach Belle how to ride her bike without her training wheels. That has been interesting. I can run along side her well enough but my back can't take being bent over that far for that long. And to ask daddy to help was a big mistake. He wanted her to do things his way and when they didn't happen for on half of our driveway he walked away. She was bummed so her and I picked up where we left off. I will just continue to work with her. After her fall and her badly scraped knee she is leery of hurting herself right now.

This is Belle's last week of school. Bye bye pre-school. You have been good to us. We made some presents for her teachers which she will give them on Wednesday, her last day. So far we made pipe cleaner and pom pom flowers in a pot. Of course the directions said that hot glue was the best to use so I pulled out my hot glue gun and we proceeded. Friday night I burned my thumb. Man did that hurt. Then on Saturday Belle burned the tip of her little finger. She was dropping pom poms into the pot and decided for whatever reason she wanted to push one down and ended up getting the glue on her finger. This of course was excuse for whining all day long. Some justifiably and some just fluff whining. On Sunday we put her hand prints on a canvas bag in the shape of a heart. She took fabric markers and wrote I love you on top of the heart and the teacher's name at the bottom. On the other side I had scanned a copy of her self portrait she drew in school and printed it on transfer paper. I then ironed that on. Tonight she needs to writer her name and the year on the back as well as spray the whole thing with glitter spray so that it can dry for 24 hours before we give it to them. I think I will also have her make them bracelets, too.

We have her second to last soccer game tonight and our usual Monday type clean up. There is a little girl on her soccer team that we exchanged phone numbers with so that they can get together to play some time. I have never done a formal play date so this is all new to me. I just wish I had tons of free time so that it wouldn't matter when they called. I also wish my house were always clean and organized so that we could host the play date at a drop of the hat. Since I want to be the house where the kids all go instead of her going to other kids houses as she grows up I had better get my act together.

Anyway, busy at work as well so I had better get a move on.

Happy Monday-yeah right. Is it Friday yet?


Greta said...

Happy Monday!!

Lauri said...

Those sound like nice gifts for teachers