Thursday, March 6

I Hate This

Yesterday we had another snow day. Snow days are really a pain in the butt since I have to try to scramble to find someone to watch Belle. I need to get in to work which took me an hour yesterday. And all in all they suck.

Of course this morning Belle was crying again about going to school. She was fine on Tuesday I think partially because she only had a half day.

I left her crying and walked out. I felt like crying myself.

I hate this......

1 comment:

Lauri said...


I am always here on snowdays/professional days should you need a sitter.

Livi is also off school, since we live in the same school district.

Just letting you know... I would not mind at all

Lets hope no more snow days for the rest of the year... they do indeed suck

Poor Belle, Poor You.. that has to be hard