Wednesday, March 26

More Milestones

So much has happened with my little Belle over the last few weeks to remind me that even though her whole infant life she was a abnormal child that she is indeed a normal child.

Just a bit off of the norm with when she decides to pull out the stops.

For example, from the time she could use her tiny little hands she would help me clean up her toys. Now her idea of cleaning up her toys is to pile stuff on my dining room table or open her door and toss them in her room. This is not ok.

She also never put things in her mouth as an infant but now at 6 I am constantly telling her to take stuff out of her mouth. Now more than ever I am afraid she is going to swallow something and choke. This is not ok.

I have always felt safe in leaving her alone in a room for a few minutes to say go to the bathroom, change a load of clothes, or simply make dinner. Now I have to watch her a bit closer sometimes depending on her mood. This is not ok.

She is lying... This is not ok.

On the 13th she had a couple of clips in her hair. I had put most of her hair up in a bun so she could dress like a ballerina for her career day at school. There were a couple pieces on each side that I needed to put in clips to hold back from her face. That evening at home she wanted to let her hair down. She couldn't get the clips out of her hair and I was in the kitchen making dinner. We go to sit down to eat and my husband asks what the glob of hair on the floor is. She lies and says she doesn't know. That is just came out with her ponytail and clips. She clearly is not telling us that she in fact cut it but we can tell. She loses her scissors indefinitely for lying and I am left shocked that she cut her hair. We have talked about it before and I really never thought she would do it. She finally confessed she cut the clip out since it was stuck. Thankfully it is from underneath and to look at her you can't tell.

And the best milestone that actually brought tears to my eyes is she lost her first tooth on the 24th. It was a good experience so the next ones will hopefully not be dramatic. It freaked me out to look at it all dangly and what not but it came out on its own so that is good. The tooth fairy brought her gold which she is way excited about.


Diana said...

Oh, you have me laughing. It's all so normal, at least it is identical to mine, right down to the hair cutting (sadly, it left Sara with this unilateral mullet that took 6 months to grow enough that I could even it up with the other side). The lying is very tough, but stay firm and nip as much of it in the bud as possible. (At least that's the tack I'm taking. We'll see if it works in 10 years. If it doesn't, it'll likely be too late.)

Never said it'd be easy, did they?

jeneflower said...

There were times when my older kids were younger that I cried because I felt like I had put so much into them and then I was having various problems with them. But I didn't need to get so upset. They grew out of it and into very responsible, great teens. So don't be too hard on your DD or yourself.

On another subject- we have an Olympus e-300 evolt. However, if I were to buy again I would get a Nikon. The trick to great pics is to buy a zoom lens.