Monday, March 17

Digital Camera Research

Oh how I would love to get a new D-SLR camera. I know the features I want and don't want but it is hard to find everything bundled all together.

There are a couple that come close but again it is hard to determine which one to go with without being able to try them out for awhile.

The first is a Nikon D-80. These are so cool and has the Nikon brand name behind it. The major downfall of this camera is that is does not have a live view option on the LCD screen which my hubby would not like at all. He prefers the live view feature to the view finder any day. It does take the SD memory cards that I already have with my point and shoot camera though.

The next one is a Sony A350. This camera seems to have all of the functions that I want but does not take the SD memory cards that I already have so that increases the cost.

The most frustrating thing about these sorts of purchases are you never know how it will handle when you are out in your daily life using it without being able to do that. And so many stores will not return items like this after they are open so I always feel stuck. I think it would be great if a store would say, "Here go try it out for a few weeks." That would be worth their weight in gold. I think I would be more inclined to buy from them since they feel so confident in the product that they are willing to let me test drive it. But sadly that is not an option I have ever seen.

Once I decide which one I can start to save my money. Good thing my birthday is coming up...

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