Wednesday, June 1

Good Christian

I am struggling to be a good Christian today.  I am really really trying to be the better person but it is really hard.

You see when one of the most important people in my life passed away in Feb. I was very sad.  I am very sad.  It was and still is extremely difficult for me to talk about my grandfather being gone.  Even writing this now I want to cry and not believe that he is actually gone. 

We have a typical way of knowing when a loved one of a co-worker passes away around work.  Usually an email will be sent to the department and that person's address given in case anyone wants to send a card.  I found out when I returned to work after being gone a week that this was not done for me.  Out of 30 people maybe only 4 knew what happened.  My team leader didn't feel the need to share this information with the department.  That hurt.  She also felt it was appropriate to not inquire with me when the funeral arrangements were.  Again that hurt that she cared so little.  But the kicker was she kept text messaging me about work all week, including while I was at the funeral.  That was annoying.  It was so hypocritical.  When her brother passed away a couple years ago I went to the funeral on a Saturday.  Yet she couldn't be bothered to make an appearance at my grandfather's which was right around the corner from our office on a weekday.  She could have literally walked there if she wanted to.  Needless to say all of this still hurts.

Now another member of our team had her mother-in-law pass away this week.  And all my team leader keeps doing is harassing me to find out the details so she can share with everyone.  And emailing this woman about work.  All I want to do is scream.  I want to tell her how rude that is for all of the reasons above and the last thing one of us wants to be doing is answering her emails/texts while planning and attending a funeral of a loved one.  But I can't say that to her because I don't want to take anything away from my friend's mother-in-laws funeral and grieving. 

So I am struggling to be the better person and just keep my mouth shut.  Wish me luck.


Heather said...

Hang in there. I feel for you.

A. said...

I agree with Heather.
Also, you could ask her politely why the department was not made aware of your loss. At least you'd have an explanation.

Keeping you in my prayers. Keep the faith.

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