Thursday, December 7

Money Money Come My Way

UGH. I hate talking about money. But I just found out that I need to come up with an extra $400 about by January 8th.

I mean really. January 8th! That is so close to Christmas. I have to do it though. If I want my Belle (name my girl will now be called on this blog) to go to all day kindergarten then I need to come up with this money.

She will be attending a public school but if you want to go for the all day kindergarten you have to pay extra. About $2000 extra for the school year. OUCH!

But I don't have a way for her to get to and from school on a half day schedule. As it is I will still probably need to pay the extra $2 per hour for before and after care at the schools latchkey program. Double OUCH!

My husband is not at all happy with money talk and that is always a stress between us. So I think I will hold off on breaking this news until closer to Christmas. It isn't like we are completely broke but I don't know about others but I don't normally have a spare few hundred dollars laying around burning a hole in my pocket.



Catizhere said...

AH, Lauren, I feel ya!
I figured out that 56.50% of my paycheck goes to daycare.
Doesn't leave a whole lot to pay bills, feed them & have Christmas.

The huge pile of "money-suck" aka the bills, sitting on the dining room table just adds to the everyday stress.
I try (the operative word being TRY) not to worry too much about money. Everything usually works out in the end.
But, I'll be hoping that you hit the Powerball this weekend.

Margaret said...

Why do taxes, tuition, and seemingly everything else come due right at Christmas? It's a hard month for money, that's for sure!