Friday, December 29

Still Hanging Around

I am still around. Just so terribly busy. But things are starting to calm down. Except for my husband's money paranoia. He is in full swing. I think now that the holidays are over he starts to think about how much it all costs. Of course it doesn't help that we had to take our van in again to see why it is leaking transmission fluid. That was $336 that we could have used elsewhere. Especially since this was the 3rd time this year we have taken it in.

We also have to come up with $325 by Jan. 8th to register Belle for all day kindergarten. Anyone else care to take a few hundred dollars right now???? Anyone????

Other than that our holiday was great. Belle loved every minute of it. We are still opening toys everyday. I have been off of work for the most part. I had to go in on Wednesday for a half day and am off again until Tuesday. That is nice but I always get a bit depressed after Christmas. I hate to go back to work full time (even though I am thankful to have a job) and leave Belle. I LOVE STAYING HOME AND LONG TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT FULL TIME BUT THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

Belle had a great birthday. I will do a separate post about that. But we all had a great time. J's birthday was OK. We had his here at home. I had gotten him a Star Wars PC game and after he opened it we found you need to have a DVD drive on your computer. He does not. So we had some gift cards and we went and got an external drive. We get the game loaded on the computer and find out we don't have a 3D graphics card. UGH. So the $40 game is costing us an extra $225 before tax just to be able to play it. The drive was $100 and the graphics card will be $125. With the extra expenses of the car that will have to wait. The bad thing is that we couldn't even return the game because it was opened. He will be the first to admit his best gift, though, was a local basketball team's flag. You can't find them anywhere. Not even at the arena gift shop. I was able to find it online and he was very happy with that. The problem finding them is that we need one with grommets for a flag pole and not the banner type. I was way excited for him to open that gift.

Well that is all for tonight.

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Lauri said...

sounds like you had a great Christmas.... so sorry your vacation is coming to an end... that really stinks. I so wish you could stay home like you long to do...thanks for helping me see the other side of the coin

Thanks again for the hand-me downs... Livi is wearing the green outfit today