Monday, December 11

Must Vent

Last night was my husband's Christmas party. He works for a retail store so they always have to be on a Sunday night so that the store can close at 6pm and they can party at 7pm.

Usually the party goes until about 9pm. Well this year J has to "help". He was supposed to help clean up but since Belle is now in school I asked if he could possibly help set up instead. This wish was granted and all was good.

We get there and we are sitting at our table. And we are sitting. And we are sitting.

They finally serve the food at 8pm. By this time Belle is just starving. And as luck would have it we ended up being at the last table to go get food. We go get our food and we sit back down. We eat.

And then we are just sitting and waiting again. We could leave but they pass out raffle tickets to each employee so we could win a prize. So we wait.

They finally start reading off the raffle tickets and lucky us we won a $25 gift card but we didn't get home until about 10pm.

And the kicker was that the kids gifts were crap. I don't mean to sound ungrateful but they really just wasted their money. Belle got checkers for kids ages 6 and up. She isn't even 5 yet. And another kid younger than her got a 63 piece puzzle. Good grief Charlie Brown. Last year they gave away those color wonder sets. Great. Great. Idea. Maybe that is why this year it seemed so bad. A different person organized it last year. This year's gift choices were coloring books (good), jumbo pencils (scary), puzzles, and checkers. Anyone with kids would agree these sucked.

I am glad we got prizes and gifts. Don't get me wrong. But all in all it was long and boring. And we are going to pay the price today with one very sleepy child who by this evening is bound to be good and crabby.

Edit: After some more thought I think they tried their best. Yes the gifts for the kids were better last year but these really weren't that bad I guess. I think I was just tired and crabby so that is what I am going to go with. I stand by the fact that it went too late for the kids (and they wanted kids there).

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Stepping Over the Junk said...

I really don't miss the holiday party of my (now ex) husband!!! But if the kids get cool stuff, well, then...