Wednesday, January 9

Screams of Terror

Last night I put Belle to bed upstairs. It was a little later than normal so I didn't stay too long or lay down with her.

I tucked her in.

I recited the 5 sentence Beauty and the Beast story and then sang her our song.

I said goodnight and went downstairs.

I was no sooner down the stairs for about a minute and she is yelling for me.

I can clearly tell that she is terrified. I ask her what is wrong and she tells me that there is something under her bed that made noise and bumped her bed.

I go back upstairs and assure her that there is nothing scary under her bed. I look under her bed and even pull out the plastic container that is under it. I show her that all that is in it is her preschool projects. I tell her it was probably just a spring in her mattress that was stuck and popped back up. She still only has a cheap twin size bed.

She wants her "mommy bear" that she likes to sleep with to feel safe. And then she goes back to sleep.

Later that night I heard news reports but still nothing clicks that what happened with Belle was anything.

Until this morning and I am talking with my mother in law. We are discussing the news reports and then I realize that my husband and I didn't feel anything out of the ordinary but that Belle did indeed feel the earthquake we had last night. The time of the quake was at the same time Belle freaked out about her bed.

I haven't decided if I am going to tell her what really happened or not yet. I don't want her to be scared to get in her bed. And then to add salt to her wounds this morning we were have super strong winds that woke all of us up. She was not a happy camper.


Diana said...

Poor kiddo! Sounds like nature is out to get her.

Greta said...

i personally wouldn't tell her but that is just my opinion...

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