Thursday, January 17

Things To Do

I have been wanting to change my banner picture but just haven't had the time. I need to find a new picture that I like. The thing is I am not even sure I know what I want to put up there.

Then I was reading other blogs and found I am not the only one itching for a change. Except Greta did it. It looks really cool too.

And then I look at mine again and realize I still have my Christmas red and green fonts. Blech. It is January. Way past time to change that. So I at least changed my colors but will really need to think of a new banner photo.

Plus I really really really want to come up with some sort of cute, crafty, design-ish name so that I can get labels and set up my etsy shop and so on with my craft creations that I would like to sell. I really need help with this one. I love Beki's but it is hers and I find it funny she doesn't really like it. But I think it is great.

Any ideas?????

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