Friday, September 22

Swish Swish

I am happy to say that I did not break a leg last night.

You see, last night was our 1st ice skating lesson. My sister, a friend, my sister in law and I were in the adult class and my daughter was in the kids beginner class.

We all learned how to fall. How to get up. How to march.

The adults also learned how to stop. How to hop in place. And how to make swizzels.

It was so much fun. But I did have a flashback moment.

Picture a young child around 8 or 9. Innocent and shy. Her parents put her in ice skating lessons. She learns how to skate fairly well. At the end of the year is the ice show.

This shy girl is then dressed in a flapper outfit. Which is really cool when you spin and certainly that was the best part.

During the show my parents and grandparents are seated in the bleachers to watch their precious child. Little did I know they had evil and sinister plans. Little did I know that as the show went on I would disown them completely. For they had a plan to embarrass me beyond belief.

After each group did their performance we all had to skate around the wall to wave to our fans. That is when I really really really heard the loud roar of my family. And they had the nerve to be saying my name in their cheers. What are they thinking. I refused to even glance in their direction. Who are those crazy people? I don't know. They are not with me.

I was soooooo very embarrassed. Funny how our perspectives change as we get older. I am now the one cheering for my daughter. She seems to like it, though.

And now I look back at that memory as a fond one.

So now I joke that we can be in the ice show this year as adults. I joke now but ask me in the spring and it may no longer be a joke. We shall see. Maybe they won't even ask us. And even if I am secretly happy I will be outwardly disappointed.


Elle said...

Good job on the skating lessons. I took Learn to Hockey Skate 2 years ago. It was me another adult woman and 10 twelve year old boys. It was hillarious!!!

jeneflower said...

M had a similiar experience. He begged and begged his dad to come watch his basketball games in middle school. Then when he finally came he was so loud- yelling his name from the bleachers that he never asked him to come again. He was mortified.

Lauri said...

I grew up on ice grandfather worked at the rink. I cant skate for the life of me now and usually cling to the rails

I have your dish from the party in my backseat... will eventually be dropping it off to ya.

Livi is fitting perfectly into the size 6 shoes you gave us.. thanks a bunch