Tuesday, September 19

Pre-School Warnings

So I feel as though I have been getting indirect warnings from the pre-school teachers.

Since my SIL takes and picks up my daughter on the 3 days a week she goes to school I get the messages from her. When there is about 10 minutes left in class one of the teachers will go out into the hall and talk to the all the parents in general about the day. I keep hearing stuff like send them in comfortable clothes, don't wear anything fancy tomorrow or next week, dresses are probably hard for the kids, and on and on.

I can't help my daughter LOVES her skirts and dresses. I had finally talked her into wearing jeans for this week. She hasn't worn them yet since they were set out for tomorrow but we at least got them set out. Don't get me wrong. Jaclyn doesn't run the ship completely but I like to give her a say in what she wears. This makes her happy and me also since I don't have to struggle with her about her outfit.

Today was supposed to be one of the don't wear anything fancy days since they will be painting. So I picked out an outfit that was from Walmart as one of her crummy outfits. Most of her clothes are from the Childrens Place and I only paid a max of $5 per piece. Generally only a $1 or $2. She doesn't really have the rag-a-muffin type clothes. So I sent her in looking all cute and stuff.

I truly wouldn't be that upset if she got paint or juice or whatever on her clothes. If she wears each thing only once I got my money's worth.

Is it wrong that I want her to be clean and orderly when she goes to school?


Jenn (formerly gibby23roarof84) said...

I went through all of that w/Big A, and now that she's 8, she won't even CONSIDER wearing anything but tennis shoes to school..just not efficient for the monkey bars. :)

Lauri said...

I dress Livi so fancy that people ask if its picture day? I just like her to look cute. When I taught preschool I just warned parents that their children may get messy or dirty with craft materials but so long as they were ok with that then they could dress however they wanted. Hope all is well

jeneflower said...

I bet she looks very cute in her dresses and if you don't mind if the dresses get dirty I don't think it matters- maybe you could send a note to school telling the teachers not to stress over any accidents. Just an idea.

I understand wanting to let her choose the outfits. Maybe you could giver her a choice out of three that you know would be appropriate for the day.

Lauren said...

Jenn, That is so funny.

Lauri, I think that is what they are doing but I am getting the message relayed to me so I just think I am one of the ones it is intended to go to.

I do give her a few to choose from for the week and she gets to decide what day to wear them. That is how I avoid the morning drama. Usually.

Thanks everyone for the thoughts.

Jane said...

I'll second what Lauri said. I used to give parents the same warning. But then I didn't worry about it. If they came in dressed to the nine's and wanted to play in the paint, I let them have at it.

The only thing that would make me talk to a parent again would be if the child was having trouble being independent in the bathroom (difficult buttons, snaps, overalls) or if the clothes impeded their movement at gym or recess. Otherwise, dress her up!