Monday, September 25

New Living Room

My Sister-In-Law and her husband gave us their "old" entertainment center. They are getting a new one. Now keep in mind this one is in great condition and is maybe 6 years old if that.

This gave us the perfect excuse to paint the living room. We have been wanting to do it for awhile but the thought of moving our old entertainment center was enough to put the kabosh on that idea.

So this was the perfect time. I picked up a bunch of paint swatches a couple of weeks ago. It is very hard to pick colors since our carpet is a bright royal blue and we are unable to replace it now. Our current color was white with just a hint of purple. It looked white unless it was in a certain light or you looked in the corners.

Our new color is purple. But with a hint of grey/blue. As we told people we picked purple their reaction was always, "Oh". And I would laugh saying it isn't as bad as it sounds.

I did take before pictures but haven't been able to take the after pictures yet. Once I do I will add them on this post.

Needless to say we are exhausted. We started on Friday afternoon and had to finish with enough time to get the TV hooked back up before the 4:00 football game. And since I am the one who hooks up the electronics the pressure was on.

The suspense builds. Did the TV get hooked back up?

Or not?

I should take a vote. But who really cares.

And in case you care, yes it was done with time to spare.

My motivation was my good friend had her baby on Saturday and I wanted to get to the hospital to see her and the baby. Plus I was excited to give her my gift. She had a beautiful 9 lb. baby girl with a little bit of dark brown hair. She didn't feel heavy at all. Of course that is because I am now used to picking up 36 lbs.. of little girl. We got her this really cute pink and white build a bear on the day she was born so that the birth certificate of the bear matches the day of the babies birth. Every now and then I come up with a good idea.


jeneflower said...

It sounds like you are happy with how it turned out. Post pics soon!

Jenn (formerly gibby23roarof84) said...

Purple and Royal living in an enchanted palace. Look at it that way...we still talk the most about the mustard yellow shag carpet that we had as children...and we do speak of it fondly.