Tuesday, September 26

Tuesday Mish Mosh

I have several random thoughts so I am just going to blabber on about them here. Together.

First, how about Ellmo? He is making a killing. Well maybe that is not appropriate to say about a children's toy. But the adults are the ones who are going crazy. Did anyone see this report?
Oh.My.Goodness. It is a toy. Now I understand the desire to get your hands on one but it is not necessary to hurt someone.

This reminds me of Black Friday. One of my favorite shopping days. Our office is always closed the day after Thanksgiving and I get up at the crack of dawn and head out for the stores. I stand in the lines to get in and try to get my coveted items. I have already studied the ads and know what I want and where. I know which stores open first and plan out a driving route to make the most of my time. I am usually just out getting extra stuff after 8:00am. But I got off track. My point is that even though I am one of "those" people. I am still not one of "those" people who will push, shove, run, and steal something out of someone else's cart. It is crazy. People get so uptight. I make it a point to be extra nice to the people working because there is no way in hell I would want to work on that day. CRAZY!!!

My mother pisses me off. This of course is nothing new but this just sucks. Apparently she is out of town but I am sure she knew about this. You see my godfather has been pretty sick as of the last few months. I didn't really know him but through email and our family email link I have gotten to know him a bit recently. I knew he was nearing the end of his battle with cancer but I had no idea he had passed away on the 17th. I had no idea there was a wake and funeral. I had no idea. I guess one of the older cousins decided this should not be something that was sent out to everyone through the email link. He assumed each family branch would notify all. Well our branch is broken. I came in to work yesterday to an email saying what a nice wake and funeral it was. WHAT!! This really bummed me out. I am sure I will be sad once I get over my anger.

My daughter yelled at me last night while we were playing a board game. Literally yelled at me. So I told her as calmly as I could that she did not need to yell. That I had not said she lied about where she was on the game and that she will not talk to me like that. Her response, "Mom, you made me mad. You said I went to the castle already and I didn't. You said I lied. You just made me so mad!!". It is a shame she didn't hear me the first time. So we put the game away and we will not be playing it again this week. The thing is if she would have listened to me that she indeed did go to the castle already she would have been winning. And the funny thing is she is so opinionated and believes she is always right. She will argue to death. So I just try to tell myself that it is good she is like this so that no one will ever walk all over her. Damn it. Who ever said kids should have a mind of their own (dripping in sarcasm is also something she picked up). I am sure these traits come from my husband. ;)

Maybe there was a common theme today. Can you guess what it was?


Why can't we all just get along........

Sometimes I crack myself up.

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Jenn (formerly gibby23roarof84) said...

Luckily, Little A is horrified, and I mean, sobs out loud at the site of Elmo. :)