Thursday, February 8

Butt Munch

We all have sweet affectionate names for the people we love. I often call Belle babe, cutie, sweetheart, sweetie, and many others. Some silly. Some sweet. Some sincere. Some smart ass.

When it comes to my husband things are different. I have never been one to call some random person honey or sweetie. And that goes for my husband as well.

His pet names tend to be:

and lately
-Butt Munch

He knows I say these in the most loving way. I never say them when I am mad or to be mean.

Last night was no exception. He did or said something (obviously it left a lasting impression) and my reply was, "You are such a butt munch."

Belle then says, "Yeah a butt munch" quietly. I tell her that she really shouldn't call daddy that and only mommy is allowed to tease daddy like that.

She says, "OK".

A little while later I am getting her ready to take her bath and she tells me that I am a munch butt. I of course start laughing and ask her where she heard that. She tries to think of where she heard it and came up with a couple of possibilities.

I ask her if she was trying to say butt munch instead like mommy was saying earlier. She denies it but that is really it and I can tell she doesn't want to admit it. Now I am cracking up.

Again I remind her that we can tease each other nicely but she shouldn't say that to anyone else.

I can see it now. A message on my answering machine from the school or another parent. "Your daughter has been calling people names. We can't get her to stop calling everyone a munch butt. Can you please tell her it is butt munch and that it is not nice to call someone that?"


Anonymous said...

Too funny... I have not heard butt munch in a long time... I tend to call John an asshat and freak... ofcourse in the most loving way

Livi is cookie, monkey, or baby


Catizhere said...

Butt munch! HAHA.

Mag's is... :::Deep breath::
"Maggie Rose, Angel-Baby, Danger-Girl, moonbeam, stardust, chookooloonks, sunshine, peachy-pie, baby-girl, bestest-little-girl-in-the-whole-wide-world!"
Oh, and when we're straightening up the toys, she is "Messy McMesster".

Will is generally just "Willz!" or at changing time, "Stinky McStinkster" That makes him guffaw EVERY time!

Elle said...

CS is ass master or Geeves. Don't ask where ass master came from. I have no clue.

The boy is Monkey, or babaganush.

Heather said...

That's too funny.

Thankfully, the name I have for DH can't be used for other people unless their name is Thomas. His nickname is Tom-ass.

Nicknames for Phoebe are: pumpkin, princess or sweetie.

Kris said...

Oh I like munch butt! That is adorable... I may have to adopt that myself!