Friday, February 9

Sooooo Sleeeeepyyy

I am sitting here at work trying to do my work and all I want to do is put my head down on my desk and fall asleep.

I think my tv watching is catching up with me. I had a couple of late nights this week. I don't get to really sit down and watch the shows when they are on so we tivvo them and watch them either later that morning or I will turn them on and watch while getting ready for work in the morning.

This week started late on Monday from watching Prison Break and 24. Then on to Tuesday which wasn't too bad time wise. Wednesday was another late one with the return of Lost at 10pm. Definitely past my bedtime. Last night I was up past 10 again but that is because we stayed a little bit for the open skate after our lessons.

So now it is all hitting me at once while I try to read my emails.

bonk. OUCH. Now my forehead hurts from hitting it on the keyboard as I fell asleep for a moment.

Oh boy, wish me luck. I really need to get some work done.


Diana said...

Oh, I know that feeling so very well. Hope your drive home went OK and you can catch up on your zzzzs this weekend.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

My problem is that I Tivo them and then stay up late watching them all! Trying to save them for the weekend if I can. My girls like watching American Idol with me after homework and dinner, so I get some in with them. Ha. Can't miss favorite shows! Thanks for your recent comment on my difficult post.

Jenn said...

I wanted to cry when Lost moved to 10 because I knew that my Thursday would consist of calling people, asking what happened.