Wednesday, February 14

Snow Day

Yippeeee for me!!

It was snowing so much that my company decided late last night to close for today!!!

So what have I done on this fine Valentine's Day?

I started out with a driveway filled with snow that my husband had to shovel a bit this morning so that he could get out to go to work.

I took a picture of my neighbor trying to dig out. He doesn't know I did it though. hee hee

Belle and I played inside and watched Cinderella III. I never knew there was a number II.

She took a nap so I cleared our driveway. I started with the snow blower and then ended up having to shovel a huge portion as it stopped working. So I am sure I will be in the dog house when my husband gets home. So now the driveway looks like this.

Here are some other photos of our yard. Now that they can be seen. Sadly it is tooo cold to play outside and make a snowman. Oh well.

Somewhere under this pile of snow are my rose bushes. I hope they survive.



Diana said...

Wheeeee! We didn't get hit that hard. Maybe 5 inches or so.

Your roses will be delighted to have that blanket of protective snow.

Happy shovelling!

Jenn said...

Have you dug out yet?