Wednesday, February 21

Random Wednesday

We did finally dig out from under the snow last week. Now it is starting to melt away. It looks all gross and brownish black. So long pretty white fluffy stuff. Hopefully we won't have any flooding.

What is up with Britney's head?! Who does that! She is so whack. Her poor kids will have a lot of hurdles to overcome and I bet money won't be the solution. Hopefully they can grow up to be good contributors to society. We don't need any more crazy rich kids who feel they can do whatever they want whenever they want.

I also feel really sorry for Anna Niccole's baby girl. I wonder if all of these men would be fighting over her if she didn't have a nice inheritance coming her way. Also why is everyone fighting over the burial. If she expressed her wishes then let them be.

I was driving to work this morning and two cars behind me there was a crash. That was a little weird. If I had been just a few seconds slower at some point this morning that would have been me in that car crash. It wasn't anything serious but who cares.

Today is ash Wednesday so everyone will be walking around with dirty foreheads. ;-)

It is foggy.

This afternoon is Belle's kindergarten assessment/orientation. God help me.

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