Monday, February 5

Crispie Treats

I thought I would be the good creative mom. I wanted to contribute to Belle's preschool class valentines day party.

I got the treat bags.

I got the valentines.

I got the recipe idea from a website.

Life was good.

Until......I tried to make it.

I decided I would do a trial run yesterday. It seemed easy enough.

We measured out the ingredients.

I started to melt the butter and then the marshmallows.

Melting those marshmallows was soooooo hard to do. It was almost comical. My arm was actually getting sore. I used the large marshmallows instead of the mini ones. I hope that the mini ones will be a bit easier to do.

I thought about getting my camera to take a picture of the melted marshmallow mess but I couldn't leave the stuff on the stove to go and grab it.

Maybe my next attempt will actually look like these.


Catizhere said...

UGH! Valentine's crafts.....
Maggie & I were at Michaels crafts one day last month and she saw these little foam bears that hold a lollipop. Of Course! We can get these & make them for school! Sure! What fun, Right?? Ummm, nope. 24 foam bear bodies, little foam hearts to glue on, little teeny tiny foam ear details, PLUS figuring how to secure the lollipop to aforementioned friggin' foam bear..... quite a bit of swearing later, we have 4 bears assembled. :::sigh:::

Jenn said...

They won't look like that; you know this, right? Because those are probably fake, anyway. I'm pretty sure that most of those articles with craft and recipe ideas are written by wicked trolls that live under the sea.

jeneflower said...

O you are such a good mom. It is the effort that counts.

beki said...

Uhoh, good luck! I do think that the mini marshmallows will melt better. Be sure not to add too much red food coloring - my niece made some of those this weekend and they looked like ground meat, ewww! Thankfully they didn't taste like ground meat, tee hee.

Heather said...

My DH makes the krispie treats in our house, thank God. I think he also does sprays Pam on whatever tray they are going to be in until they cool as well as spraying Pam on the spatula he uses to spread them out in the tray. I don't know if that will help on the second half of the recipe