Wednesday, March 21


Belle has been learning about dinosaurs this week in school.

I asked her what they learned. She tells me that they are dead now because it got too cold and then too hot.


And the rest of the conversation went like this:

Me-Were people there with the dinosaurs?


Me-Do you think dinosaurs are interesting?


Me-Do you know what interesting means?


Me-Do you want to learn more about dinosaurs?


Me-What do you like to learn about?


Me-Do you know dinosaurs were animals?

Belle-Yes, but I want to learn about cows, pigs, horses, and sheep. Will you pretend to be a cow or a sheep or a pig and I can ride around on your back?

Me-How do you ride around on a pig?

Belle-We just pretend. Can we?

Me-Maybe on a day I stay home with you.


Oh boy. I guess I will be oinking and mooing a lot this weekend.

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Stepping Over the Junk said...

That is so cute! Don't you love how their minds work? And what comes out of their mouths???!!!