Wednesday, March 14


The weather here yesterday was very warm. 74 degrees to be exact-ish.

Let's just say that is very unusual for us in March.

It was sunny and warm and wonderful.

Belle had a field trip to a farm that daddy and I went on.

So we spent the morning there which was a perfect day for it. Belle even tried to milk a cow which was surprising. She sometimes will shy away from things she is unsure of so I was very proud of her for being brave and touching it.

We then took her out to lunch. Her and I got pancakes while J got lunch type food. We had a great time all around.

When we were home we cleaned up the yard (from the dog frequenting it all winter-yuck) and she was able to play on her swing set for a while.

Belle and I went for a short walk as it was getting late but the child cannot walk next to you. Anywhere. She kept running in front of me or just generally walking in front of me. I told her that I didn't want to walk with her if she wasn't going to walk next to me. And her response was,
"But mom, I am the leader."

So there it is. Finally. The real reason she treats us like her peeps. She is the leader. And some days that is probably and sadly true.

We also tye-dyed some socks pink. She was so excited to have on rubber gloves and get to stir the socks in the plastic container in the sink.

All in all it was a great day (being away from work made it that much sweeter)!

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