Thursday, March 29

High School Plays

My niece is in her high school's play which started last night. She is in 2 a year and I try to go to them all.

Since she is a senior this year, (I have no idea how that happened) I felt I had to go last night (since it is free for the immediate family on Wednesday.

It started at 7:00 but I got there at about 7:15. Oops.

It is just Belle and I since J wouldn't go. He is such a party pooper but god forbid someone doesn't go to something of Belle's. But that is another story.

Anyway, we get there and it already started so we try to sneak in quietly so as not to disturb others.

I find a door that is open and we go through. I am in front.

Wow it was soooooo dark that I couldn't see anything in front of me. Even with my new & improved eyesight. I take a few steps and ouch. I twist my ankle on steps that I had no idea were there. So now I take Belle's hand and we are gingerly stepping in front of us so we don't tumble down the stairs. There were probably 6 steps. Why wouldn't they have any little lights on them.

We make it to our seats that were a bit too close. And we watch and we wait.

Where is she?

This goes on until 8:45 and my niece was hardly in it. I knew she didn't have a huge role this time but come on.

We brought her a few really pretty pink roses so we saw her afterward long enough to give her the flowers and for her to see us.

And then we hightailed it out of there to get home. I was missing some good TV after all.

Belle fell asleep on the way home too.

She should be good and crabby today which will really stink since my SIL who is supposed to be watching her got called in to work at one of the schools today (something she does maybe once a week when she isn't supposed to be watching Belle). So my SIL dropped her off at another family friend's house. I am not liking this arrangement but I had to go to work and didn't have much choice in it (again another story for another time).

Is it time to go home yet? I want this day to be over. I am tired and just a tad freaked out (even though I know I shouldn't be).


Diana said...

Ah. The stress of arranging care for your kids when you're working. Nothing like it. Too bad about the play. It was really good of you to go, anyway. I know she appreciated you and Belle being there AND the pretty, pretty roses.

Anonymous said...

Hope she is not too crabby today...

the weekend is coming.. hang in there