Monday, March 12

Road Trip

We took a road trip over the weekend to a Bass Pro Shop store. Which for my husband meant many hours of shopping for fishing items which is what he loves.

For Belle and I it meant many hours of shopping in the mall.

This is the first year she got to walk on her own and I must say she did really well. She has a tendency to try to wander off to look at something or to walk in front of me as if I were her entourage.

Before we left she thought of bringing her small baby doll stroller so that she could push it in the mall. I had told her we would see but in my head I was thinking this is a great bargaining source as well as keeping her by me with something to do. My husband on the other hand was totally against it. He kept saying what a bad idea it was.

But we brought it and on Saturday she got to push it to her hearts delight. We only had a couple of instances where she got out of control with it. And once where she bumped into a man with it and didn't say anything to him. When I asked her why she didn't tell him she was sorry she said because he was a stranger. I can't argue with that theory.

I bought myself a pair of boring shoes but they are pink which made them cute in my book. I bought some clothes for Belle and she bought all sorts of stuff at the Sanri* (Hello Kit*y) store. I even snuck in a few things from there to put in her Easter basket. The funny thing is she bought a travel size toothbrush to use in the hotel. But we had left it in the car so she didn't get to use it. She also bought a cute pink lipstick. When we got home we were looking through all of her stuff and we opened the toothbrush and lipstick. As I was looking at the toothbrush with scrunched eyebrows trying to figure it out she tells me that the lipstick doesn't work too good. As I figure out the toothbrush I take a look at the lipstick. Perhaps if I had read the label I would have found out that they were both erasers. Needless to say we were cracking up.

Anyway I am supposed to be off of work all week but I am not going to waste all of the time if we are not doing anything. I am going in for about part of the time. The rest I am still taking off to try to keep my sanity and take a break from that grind.

The weekend was fun but of course too fast.

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Diana said...

A whole H*llo Kitty store. My daughter would be in heaven. I think having her push the stroller was a stroke of brilliance. Nothing like having a 'job' to keep her occupied.