Thursday, March 15

Who Knew She Would Get It

There have been things I have encountered as Belle has been growing up that I never thought kids had to learn.

I was so surprised that one day in her dance class that the girls did not know how to skip. They had to be taught.

But all kids skip. They just know how to do it.

When you think about it skipping is a little complex. It isn't like running that comes naturally from walking...

So imagine my surprise that kids need to learn to get a sense of humor.

But they are already funny.

They think we are hilarious. (most of the time)

When I had her teacher conference for pre-school they mentioned that she is a great girl with a great personality and is really getting it when you tell her jokes.

I have been thinking about that. I hadn't really noticed a difference because I have always joked with her. Partially to be silly but also partially to get her to think for herself.

For example we would always joke about worms. I would say gross and I'm not touching those and things of that nature. She would just laugh at me and try to convince me that they just tickle in your hand.

While we were on our road trip we were looking at fish in an aquarium.

I said, "Look that one looks gold. Or silver. Maybe it is silver and gold"

She sings, "Silver and gold, Silver and gold"

And I start cracking up.

I ask her if she remembers what that was from.

Her response with a bit of please mom of course I know, "Rudolph"

I grab her and hug her and go on and on about how she got it.

We were both laughing so hard people were looking at us but I didn't care. I will never see those people again anyway.


Anonymous said...

Mag just LOVES her some Knock-Knock jokes.

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Don't cry! It's just a knock-knock joke.

Cracks her up EVERY time

Jenn said...

The sound of your kids laughing is by far the best sound in the world; especially when they are so young--if there were moments that I could save forever and live in them, it would be those moments.

Lauren said...

Cat-I used this knock knock on Belle this weekend and she too loved it. Which of course started a whole array of made up knock knocks that made no sense but still cracked her up. Thanks.

Jenn-I agree the best sound is your kids laughter(especially when they are little)