Tuesday, July 10

Is it just me or doesn't the title work?

One fish died. I flushed it this morning. I hope the other one is ok when we get home.

Also just wondering if this would seem weird to anyone. As we got to our local pool yesterday evening for Belle's swimming lessons there was an older than me man who was getting ready to leave.

He clearly had been there for the afternoon. He didn't have a shirt on and it wasn't like he was all muscular. But he walked as if to say check me out. He didn't appear to have grey hair but I didn't really look hard.

What struck me as weird is that he was alone and carrying a bottle of tanning oil. You know the kind in the dark brown bottle that can't be mistaken for sunscreen.

Anyway he kind of creeped me out. I am not sure if I automatically assume the worst or if I was simply over reacting. But I swear in this day and age of abuse cases I can't help but to think the negative first to be prepared in the event I am right.


beki said...

Um yeah, that seems kind of creepy. If your gut instinct was that something wasn't righ, then it probably wasn't.

Jenn said...

Go with your gut.

It usually knows.

Greta said...

that's weird!!!

Heather said...

I agree it sounds like he was creepy. Definately keep your eye out for that guy again.