Thursday, July 19

Vacation Update

Thanks everyone for your comments.

I guess I should clarify a bit. I was really venting in my last post.

My husband does do stuff with us but sometimes it is so hard to get him there. He hangs out with us at home and he will "play" inside mostly. He likes to try to take her fishing but I have to go also for her sake and his. He doesn't have the patience and the know how to talk to her in a way that will not hurt her feelings but still get the point across. I think a lot of that is the fact that he is the youngest of 4 kids and never really had any young children around. His brother has 4 kids who are older than Belle but he never had to care for a younger child for any length of time.

Belle and I do things together all the time. I actually like it that way mostly. For example we are going to the zoo on Saturday morning - just the two of us.

What is really frustrating to me is when he tries to lay down the law like he is the master of the universe. Sometimes I can blow it off and do what we want anyway and other times it just frustrates me.

I don't really want to go on a vacation without him. He actually loved Disney. I was shocked when he brought it up like it was an actual possibility. But in my mind I was also okay with not going on such short notice. When we go again I want to be able to do and get anything that strikes our fancy.

He is going to the other place for one night which wouldn't be his first choice of things to do. I was just bummed it wasn't going to be for 2 nights. He really isn't into anything having to do with the water but he is going to a water park. And then to another outside one near us for the day during our vacation week.

I just know that no matter what Belle and I will have fun. If he wants to miss out then that is on him. He does some stuff with us but I refuse to not let her do something because her parents are duds. What he doesn't get is that having a kid is like getting permission as an adult to act like a kid and just play. Act silly and goofy. Pretend. Draw. Sing and dance. And whatever else strikes your fancy.

Sometimes he is just an old fart who won't move off of his recliner. Boy is he lucky he is blessed with great metabolism.

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Heather said...

I'm sure he is a great dad, which I was suggesting talking to him. And I figured you were just venting. My DH drives me crazy sometimes, especially when work stress is getting to him, he can be such a PIA. Other than that being late for everything and not planning a thing until the last minute, which just drives me crazy.

I will admit, I do like when my DD and I get to go off and do stuff by ourselves, but I know its fun too when it's all of us. It's still nice to have her all to myself and not have to please another person with the plans for the day.