Wednesday, July 18


I was so upset about our lack of vacation plans. I am feeling better about it now.

It wasn't the fact that we wouldn't go to Disney even though it was an incredible deal.

It was partially because I wanted to feel like we were really getting away this time even if for 2 nights.

It was the fact that I didn't want to waste my vacation time to do nothing but sit at home.

But it was mainly the fact that it didn't matter what Belle and I wanted to do. It was all about what he wanted or didn't want to do.

For example he refused to drive to Florida. He refused to drive 4 hours from home. He refused to spend 2 nights anywhere. He just didn't want to. So never mind that we did or would.

If he would just loosen up and have fun I think it would kill him. He won't go to the pool. He won't go to the playground. He won't he won't he won't. And sometimes that just really gets to me.

Most of the time I am fine with being the one that plays with Belle. I am the one who takes her anywhere. I am the one who does what seems like everything with or for her.

Thankfully she is a Momma's girl because if she were a daddy's girl and he doesn't like to participate I think I would have to scream.


Valerie said...

Can I be so bold as to suggest that maybe you could just go on your own? I do this every so often, and I love being alone with my son -- sometimes it's actually more fun! (shhhh!!). I'm sorry that your plans fell through - that does suck.

See my blog and check out the post entitled "being your own rock". I think it's relevant.

Diana said...

That really is terrbly sad. I agree with Valerie on considering a vacation for the two of you.

Heather said...

I think you should talk with your husband and tell him how you feel. Has he always been like this, or do you think he has some depression going on maybe caused by work or stress? My DH has had problems like this and when the stress of work does start to get relieved, he acts much better. Sorry if it's assvice, but I feel bad for you all.

Lauri said...

John can be that way too..... I almost have to remind him that Livi is only young once at that he will regret not taking him to spend with us.... it works sometimes.... but I can relate to the frustration.

Its like pulling teeth somedays to get him to participate and like you I do most everything when it comes to our kid.

I agree... You & Belle should get away and call it a girls getaway... why not? you deserve it?


Lauri said...

I meant taking time to spend with us