Saturday, July 7

There's a New Fish In Town

Or two.

Tonight we went and got Belle new goldfish. She picked out an orange one and a black and orange one.

They are small so they both fit in the fish bowl we have.

We also bought a new net to fit the bowl better.

Price of 2 goldfish: 24 cents
Price of net including tax: 1.73

Belle's happiness with her new goldfish: Priceless


Diana said...

Oh, good!

Here's hoping they live long, productive little goldfish lives.

Heather said...

Yeah! Wishing long lives for the two new goldfish.

Greta said...

WOW did i have some cathcing up to do...girl my life is insane....

kisses and hugs

Stepping Over the Junk said...

Wow. Our hermit crabs were about $40 for each with their cage things and food and rocks and stuff. It will be fish next time!