Thursday, July 12


Tuesday of this week was one of those near perfect days that you just don't want to end.

I got up at my usual 5am and got ready for work. I took Belle to my SIL's house and went to work. (This part is why it was only near perfect)

I left work at 1pm and went and picked up Belle. She was sad because she thought she was going to go to my other SIL's house to swim in her pool but couldn't now. She was happy that I picked her up though.

As we started driving I pulled down the sleeve of my shirt to show her that I had my bathing suit on. Her whole face lit up. I then turned into this public pool of a neighboring city that we pass by every single day and it tortures us because it really is one of the best pools. Slides and a play area for younger kids, big slide for older kids and adults, deep end, basketball area, lap area, and a little kiddie area with fun stuff for them.

She was so happy and excited that we were getting to go because it only happens about once a year that the weather is nice when I don't have to work etc.

We spent 2 hours at the pool in the 94 degree heat just playing. We would have stayed longer but we needed to get to our local pool for her swimming lessons.

Ahhh. If only all days would be so much fun....

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Heather said...

Yeah! Congratulations! Days like that are just so perfect.