Thursday, July 26

Why I Hate People (driving)

It all began (again) yesterday when trying to drive in to work.

It was rainy, yes. But there was no need for every.single.person to drive slower than slow. Ok. Let me rephrase that. About one person spaced every so often in each lane totally mucking up rush hour.

Then they had the nerve to slam on their brakes. Did I mention the rain? The roads are wet and slamming on your brakes does not fare well on wet roads. Thankfully I had enough distance between me and the car in front of me. Although I questioned that when I was forced to slam on mine and nearly hit the car in front of me. I just kept thanking God for putting a little pillow between me and that dumb ass driver who started the whole skidding on wet pavement mess. Actually I thought for sure the person behind me was going to hit me and then push me into the first car. Again thank goodness that didn't happen.

I also like to get into the high speed lane and just drive. We don't have to be driving 80 mph but drive. I really hate to have to switch lanes. But I also refuse to drive 20 mph under the speed limit for no good reason.

For for this morning it was almost a rinse and repeat drive from yesterday without the skidding tires.

I first had a guy yelling at me because I turned into the gas station instead of letting him onto the road. It wasn't a tight squeeze nor was there a lot of traffic backed up to prevent him from getting out right after me. But ok. Whatever.

Then I get just about to work and am getting off of the freeway. The lady in the next lanes decides she would prefer to be in my lane. I honk my horn at her but she proceeds to cut me off to the point of me being right on her bumper because of how she turned. But she also decides she doesn't like how close I was to her so slams on her brakes. WTF!!! Again with the wet roads but I wasn't going fast at all therefore there was no skidding.

And then there are the people who drive in the high speed lane super duper slow. The ones who are supposed to yield while getting on the freeway but feel it is their right to be let in to freeway traffic instead of actually yielding as the signs state (this would be my team leader).

I think I have been driving in rush hour traffic for tooooooooo long.


Lauri said...

I do not miss that commute not one bit....

I hate stupid drivers.. I swear in the shoregate parking lot... you have these senior's driving that should have long ago hung up the car keys..

sorry you have to put up with that... the drive home always is better... because your going home... the drive home on a friday is even better

Heather said...

My daughter laughs when I say that I think someone got their drivers license from a cracker jack box!