Monday, August 27

And So It Begins

This is it.

This is the week that school starts. :-(

Parents get to meet the teacher tonight and then I take Belle on Wednesday to meet her teacher.

Then on Friday is her first day of school.


Heather said...

I'm actually looking forward to school starting. This summer schedule is getting to me. Everything is too hectic, spontaneous and unplanned. Give me the hectic of a busy routine anyday. At least I will know that dinner needs to be planned, homework needs to be done and that the bus will show up at 4PM every afternoon.

I'm also looking forward to fall cooking, my favorite! Mmmmm beef stew over polenta!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

Ah, me too. Tomorrow for my first grader and then we get a four day weekend and a bit more of summer fun. And then 14th my other one starts three mornings a week of her last year of preschool. I keep imagining all the work I am going to get done. Or all the Oprah I am going to get caught up on.