Tuesday, August 21

Lunch Items

Continuing on my ever increasing stress level about kindergarten I have been a crazy person over her lunch.

How will she get there and how will she eat on her own?
How will she not fool around and eat her lunch?
What if she doesn't eat all her lunch and then gets hungry.
Will she have time in the latchkey (before and after school care) before school to eat breakfast?
And so on
And so on
And so on

Add to the fact that on most days we will be packing her lunch it adds to this list:

What will she eat?
Will she get sick of Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches?
Will she eat the fruit I put in there?
Will she only eat her cookie?
What can I put in there?
And so on
And so on
And so on

I am trying to gain so ideas of what to pack for her lunch as well as what I can pack for her breakfast since she will be there at the crack of dawn for an hour and 40 minutes prior to when school starts.

Any ideas?????


Lauri said...

She will eat... because everyone else will be eating. You can ask her to save whatever she does not eat.. so at the end of the day you can gauge how much she actually ate.

Marcs has these breakfast packs... a little cereal pack, juice and nutrigrain bar.....I thought those were cute and a good idea for travel or school.. they were 2/$4.00

You are creative and will find fun stuff to pack.

Diana said...

I am reliving my life through you!! Colin ate no more than a few bites of lunch and drank his milk throughout kindergarten (he'd bring home the 'evidence' in his lunch bag each day). He didn't starve. (Much to my utter shock.) He now gets the school lunch and, according to him, eats much of it. I am saner. He's more in control. We're better. For Sara, next year, I'm going to encourage her to get school lunch from the start for MY sanity.

Both are terrible dawdlers over meals. Both are rather picky. Both are still alive and thriving.

Belle will be just fine.

We did ham sandwiches (no mayo), peanut butter, salami, cheese, carrot sticks, other cut up veggies, fruit (easy) fruit roll-ups, granola bars (stick on in her back pack for after school or any other time she's stuck and hungry) cereal bars, peanuts and raisins in a baggie (or trail mix or craisins, or...) those scary 'no refridgeration' yogurt strips, and so on.

Once, again: It will all be OK. Really it will. Plus, they have snack time in school, so she'll get something then, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor dear! I was tearing up with you!!

She'll be fine. She won't starve.

I found Kraft Food & Family dot com to be a lifesaver with some of their really good lunch-box ideas.
Even though Maggie only ever wants PB & J for lunch, I bought cookie cutters to use on her sandwiches. She never ate the crusts anyway, and now everyday her sandwich is in a shape of her choosing. ie: today was a duck (it's raining) yesterday was a puppy etc...

and remember....if you give her a juice box for lunch, stick it in the freezer. Then it acts like an ice pack but will thaw by lunch time.