Wednesday, August 22

School Bus Orientation

This morning I had to take Belle to her school bus orientation.

This is phase 2 of the 4 phase Kindergarten orientation.


We went to the school. All of the little kids sat on the floor in the front while all of the parents sat or stood in the back of the little gym.

At first Belle did not want to sit up front by herself so I went up there and kneel ed on the side sort of by her. After a few minutes I mouthed to her that I was going to go in the back and she gave her nod of approval. She was very nervous and scared about going today. I am starting to think she is more and more like me in that I get very nervous when I don't know what to expect.


They went through their whole little production about school bus safety (40 minutes worth) and then they were able to get a cookie, pick out a backpack, and then head outside to go for a bus ride.

What chaos while all of the parents tried to find their kids and then get the cookies and backpacks. I couldn't see Belle anywhere. I was hoping and praying she didn't go outside without me.

She was a good little girl and got her cookie then stood back to try to find me. Once I spotted her I had her come to me and pick a backpack color. These are nothing great but it will be useful on little outings. We already have her official school backpack.

We go outside and I realize it is only the kids getting on the bus. Once again Belle is worried about going by herself but I tell her she will be ok and to go ahead and get in line to get on the bus. She gets on and at first doesn't see any empty seats. I think she didn't want to ask another kid if she could sit with them or didn't know if she could sit with someone else.

She finds an empty seat somewhat towards the back and goes in to the window. I am bummed that I didn't bring my camera. But then I realize my phone has a camera even if it is kind of crappy. I snapped a couple pictures of her tiny little head in the window. I can't see below her chin since she is so small. My baby sitting on the big school bus. Again I almost burst into tears but tried to control myself. I am sure there were others but I wasn't looking around. I didn't want anyone to see the tears in my eyes.

I see Belle start talking with a little girl who sits with her. I later find out that she asked Belle why she has glasses. When Belle starts to tell me this I cringe on the inside and brace myself for what I know is bound to happen at some point-teasing about having glasses. I asked Belle what she told her and she told this little girl that she needed her glasses to see good since her eyes were bad. Bless her little heart this little girl simply said, "OK".

Belle is happy she made a new little friend even though she failed to get her name. This little girl may not be in Belle's class since there are a total of 5 Kindergarten classes but she did wonders for Belle's attitude about going to school.

And the best part of the day is when Belle tells me that she thinks this is going to be a good year because she already made one new friend. Again with the tears in my eyes even as I type this.

And then back to reality(work). On my way into work something falls from the sky and does this to my window.

Yes another crappy cell phone picture but I believe you can still make out that blob in the middle. Yep a nice splintering crack. Damn it.


Anonymous said...

GAH!!! That sucks!

I think automotive stores sell some windshield-glass-fixer-stuff.

Heather said...

That s*cks about your windshield! Don't feel embarrassed about crying. I cried about everything last year with DD's Kindergarten class. I cried when I went to register her the March before, and she wasn't even with us to do that!!! She's starting first grade this year and I think I'll cry at everything now that it's a full-day program. Our babies are growing up!