Friday, August 24

Harry Potter

Done. Finally I am able to talk about it.

I won't blow it for anyone else but I did spoil it for J last night. But in all fairness I asked him first if he wanted to know.

Ok. I am bursting. Who wants to talk about it in the comments? Anyone??

By the way - it was gooooood!


jeneflower said...

Oh don't tell me! I just got the book and I am starting it. I am excited to find out how it finally ends. My boys read it just before me and it is so hard for them to not tell me about it.

Heather said...

It was good wasn't it! I love the end when they showed everyone as a grown up. Exactly how I would've pictured the future!!!!

Tricia said...

i haven't read any of the books or seen any of the movies. i want to though... maybe it's time to get started?

Lauren said...

I liked the end when they showed they grown up but I wish it would have said what they were doing for a living since it was such a part of Harry wanting to be an Auror. Just curious about that.

But it was so good that I was reading to see what happened kind of fast.

Belle wants me to read them to her so I will start from the beginning and will probably catch tons of stuff I missed.