Monday, April 18

RCIA Meeting

We had our last RCIA meeting this past Saturday.

I had asked Sister a few weeks ago if I could bring a cake to share with everyone to thank the team and staff as well as congratulate all of us for becoming fully initiated catholics.

This is the cake I made and brought:

The lighting is really bad in this picture but it was all white and shimmery.  Everyone seemed to like it too.

Without their knowledge I also made goodie bags for everyone.  For Sister, Father, and D I made bigger, more personal bags for several reasons but since 2 of them are leaving the parish I wanted it to also be a going away gift.

The fun items that I included in every ones bags were:  a Jesus band aid (we swear they heal faster than any other), scripture mints, bible verse fortune cookies, religious bookmark, religious magnet, and chocolate crosses I made.

It was sort of sad for this group to end.  But it is exciting to see what the future will hold.

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A said...

You're very good at making a decorative cake. Hope they all appreciated the sentiments that went into making each goodie bag.