Thursday, April 14

Techy Church

I have been looking at several church websites in my quest for information.   Some are better than others obviously but I wonder if what I think makes a good website for a church is different than what others think would be good.

I like the more info there the better.  If there are committees than link them to a more detailed description of what the committee is, what their goal is and how they would like to meet it, who to contact if you can and are interested in getting involved, when do they typically meet, etc.  Rather than we have committee A.

Or if the church would like people to volunteer than give the people the proper tools to find out how to volunteer and all of the different possibilities. 

Since we are adopting the new Roman Missile in November why not link to that or at the very least give the info on your website. 

Details, details, details as far as I am concerned. 

I think if you provide the details on your own website people won't go hunting on the Internet for it.  You can control the accuracy of what people are reading a bit more if you give it to them.  Plus what an opportunity to reach more members of the church and get them excited to get involved. 

What about Facebook?  Should a church have an account?  I say why not as long as what is posted by the admins is relevant to the church.  Again, get the people notified and excited.  The younger people are the more into technology they may be and if you use that technology to reach them the earlier you can get them excited and motivated. 

Another thing I liked about one of the websites I saw was that it showed pictures of all of the parish staff and if you clicked on it you saw their "profile".  How to contact them, but also who they are, where they came from and their background, as well as fun hobby type tidbits.  Again, let the masses know you.  They may be more likely to approach you.

I have always felt a bit intimidated by the staff.  I know they know more about the church than I do and while that is OK the shy factor in me would take over.  I am really trying hard to break out of the shy factor at church and get to know people and get involved but it is somewhat frustrating since I can't find the info I am looking for and who exactly to contact. 

What about a church utilizing a blog?  Again, I think if done properly could be a great tool.

One website even records the pastor's homilies and puts those on the website.  I love that too. 

And pictures.  Put pictures of the different events or services out there.

So many possibilities.

What do you think about using the available technology outlets for the church and its mission?


Lauri said...

My comment is not about this post, but about religion in general. I was baptized Catholic but raised protestant... I have never felt I fit in at a catholic church because all those rules and routines are not drilled in my head. When to stand, when to sit, how to recite that fast prayer. Maybe because I never took the time to learn about the reasons behind it... so I always feel like I am faking it. I am searching for a church home and would like to find the kind of church I grew up in. That is really missing in My life and I want to instill that in Liv. John has been attending a big bible centered church ( willo hills friends) and yet that does not feel like the right fit for me either.

I guess I need to keep trying until I feel at home.

so my question is.. did you feel awkward at first? also are you going to SMM? feel free to email me privately if you want

A said...

I think you have some good ideas how to make your church appeal to those more technologically inclined.
You could propose your ideas to them just as you've stated them here, show them (if they don't know) how to achieve this. Who knows, this could be part of your volunterism.

For a christian - A church should be chosen based on whether it teaches the role of the shed blood of Jesus Christ.
The position of Jesus in terms of spiritual hierachy. Jesus cannot be placed subservient to any (other than God the Father). Anything else - unacceptable.

Lauren said...

I am actually going to meet with Father to discuss my ideas in May. He doesn't know what he is in for. lol

A-I agree with what you said and agree that as long as the message is what it should be in regards to Jesus and God that is the most important piece.