Tuesday, April 26

Reflecting on Easter

This is the first time I fully participated in all that Holy Week had to offer.  In the past I had to work and didn't think much of going to church outside of the expected Sunday.

Since my eyes are wide open now I wanted to really take part in everything I could.  I was off work so there was no conflict for Thursday or Friday mass. 

We went to the potluck dinner prior to Holy Thursday mass.  It was nice enough but I don't know that I feel compelled to do that every year.  Time will tell on that one.  But mass was very moving.  I didn't get my feet washed but my 9 year old daughter wanted to and did.  I will definitely next year.  We were set to carry the Chrism oil and I had nylons on and I wasn't sure if I could get myself back together in time otherwise I think I would have done it this year too.  As the hosts were locked up and the incense placed it truly felt as if Jesus' presence was there more than ever. 

At the Good Friday mass it again was very moving.  I loved the Veneration of the Cross.  I couldn't bring myself to actually place my lips on it to kiss the cross but I did as many others did by kissing my hand and touching the cross.  And while you know it isn't the actual cross you feel like it is.

Then Saturday morning we had the rehearsal for the Vigil service that night.  My husband made his first communion and confirmation at the Vigil.  It was funny because Father told them first to please not burn him with their candles as he is anointing them.  But also that depending on his mood he will shake their hand or if he is feeling moved he may even hug them.  But of course my husband was first in line and nearly burned Father with his candle.  And no one got hugs.  I am not saying he is the reason but just that no one did.  Part of me was sad for them because I have really come to realize after Saturday that the hug was powerful for me.  That this man of God, one of God's teachers, felt moved as much as I was and passed on God's love in that moment.  As usual I am not explaining this properly but that is often the case when I feel emotional.  And of course there is the part of me that is nanna nanna boo boo to my husband for not getting that experience.  But of course that is the silly part of me.

This was the first time we attended the Easter Vigil at this church and probably the first time since I was an adult.  And I am hooked.  It was so incredible.  Starting outside in the dark with the fire and moving into the church with only the candle light.  And then the baptisms, communions, and confirmations.  All so amazing.

I even got up early and went to 8am mass on Easter Sunday.  Sister laughed when she saw me.  I told her that the people in my house woke up a bit crabby and then went back to bed so I decided to come to mass.  She laughed and said she is just going to give me the keys to open up next time.  It wasn't our regular Father for this mass.  I am sure he did the 10am and noon masses but that was ok.  I really missed his services but seeing him wasn't my reason for going.  I am just glad I sat closer than usual because this guy was so quiet it was a struggle to hear him.  I will definitely be going to the Vigil from now on. 

I can't believe it is all over already.  I was so excited to go to church that much and it went by so quickly.

I went home and began the Easter festivities at my house once all of the family came over at 10:30.  The weather was beautiful Saturday and rainy Sunday so all egg hunts and such were inside but we still had fun.

Happy Easter!!

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