Monday, April 11

Sunday Mass

I have a friend who was trying to sell her house.  She still is actually but she has stopped trying to buy a house until hers sells. 

At one point in November and December she had a bid in on a house and put hers on the market and it all happened so quickly.  She was extremely stressed out and was at the point of needing help for her stress.

She decided she didn't want any medications to help her with her mental well being.  She decided she would go to church daily.  At the time I remember thinking that was a great idea knowing her but I couldn't see going daily myself.

But now I would love to be able to go to mass at my church daily.  I don't know exactly what changed my perspective.  I still think how moving my confirmation was for me is what changed me so much.  I wonder if my husband will feel a fraction of what I felt when he gets his first communion and confirmation at the Easter Vigil service.

Yesterday we had mass, our RCIA meeting and was there for 2 hours and it felt like 2 minutes.  I was actually kind of bummed when it was time to leave.  Sister sat with us for the whole RCIA meeting and I was struck again how much I am going to miss her when she leaves.  At least we will still have Father there.  That is a saving grace!

I plan on going to Holy Thursday (and I would like to go to the potluck dinner before) mass at which point I will carry up the Chrism.  Boy I hope I do it properly and bow at the right time if I am supposed to and so forth.  But I digress, I also plan on going on Good Friday and then again for hours at the Easter Vigil.  If I still feel this enthusiastic after all of that than I know it isn't some fleeting feeling.  I suspect I will love it all.  Well except for the part where everyone will be looking at me carrying up the Chrism.

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