Tuesday, June 20


Why can't things ever go smoothly. It should have been fairly simple.

All I wanted to do is have my dog groomed. He is small but does have a reputation for being fierce. He is a Yorkie for goodness sake so his bite is defintely small. Okay so no bite is small but still. My vet office knows him well. Knows how he is. They have given us some medication to give him before he comes in to calm him down. Now keep in mind he is the sweetest thing and would lick you to death if he could. But just don't try to do anything to him. He won't be bullied.

So I do as I am told and give him his sedation pill 1-2 hours prior to his appointment. I need to go to work so my MIL takes him to the office promptly at 9:00 as instructed. She gets attitude from the new groomer's helper. I called the office just to make sure we are all on the same page on how we want him cut. He doesn't like to be brushed so we try to keep his fur fairly short as if he were a puppy. I tell them he is sedated and want to know when they expect him to be done.
She then tells me she isn't sure. There are 9 animals to be groomed today and don't expect to hear from them before 3pm.


I brought him in sedated and now you are telling me you won't take him first. If he needs to be sedated again it will cost me an additional $20.


So I am fully prepared to call the office around noon and find out the scoop. If they needed to give him additional sedation because they took too long to get to him I will have to voice my frustration. I love my vet's office and I have never had a problem like this before.

So now I am on ticked off mode until they change it.

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