Monday, June 12


What a crazy week it has been. My poor baby was sick. She had a fever from Thursday (6/1) evening through Monday (6/5). So that was the first trip to the doctors office. Basically sent us on our way saying it was something viral and definitely not bacterial. So off we went minus the $15 copay.

Then come Wednesday evening I see her covered in red splotchy spots with bumps that look like little blisters. UGH. So I know she was at the park during the day and then at my MIL's house and behind her garage. What are these spots??

So off we go to the urgent care since it is now 8:30 at night and I have no idea what poison ivy or any other rash looks like. We wait 30 minutes. Not really that long considering where we are. The doctor sees us and doesn't really take a full history (as far as I am concerned) and sends us on our way dismissing it as hives and they will go away. He asks me "does that sound ok?"

WHAT! Does that sound ok? How do I know. That is why I am here. But like a good lemming I leave and go home again minus my $15 copay. In my mind I am thinking these hives will be gone in the morning. She isn't really complaining of anything else. They don't really itch her so ok.

Here it is Thursday morning and what do I see but more hives in different spots. So I take her to my SIL's house who watches her during the day and she calls me around mid morning and says they are all gone. Meanwhile I talked to the nurse at her regular doctor's office who explains things a little better and they can last for about a week. So I feel more at ease with the unknown hives.

Then it is 1:30 Thursday afternoon and here comes another phone call from my SIL who says they are now all over her face. So I call the doctors office back again and we make an appointment for 4:00 that day. By the time I pick her up they are gone from her face but fear not they were all over her body again by the time we were at the doctors office and more came out while there. Again another $15 copay but at least this one came with some better explanations and put me more at ease again.
Definitely Not -
from a bug bite
from a new food
from poison ivy
from new soap
from anything new that we can think of

Probably from the illness we were there about just a few days before. They gave me samples of Benadryl to give her to help the hives go away. She still wasn't really itchy and didn't really have any other symptoms.

So here we are today and she is basically fine. Just a few hives left and a somewhat stuffy nose and a little cough. I can deal with that...

BUT I just got done working out and taking a shower and I think I see some hives on me. OH NO> Here we go again.

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