Thursday, June 22


Well the vet will soon be history. I was so angry on Tuesday after I talked to them, my face was bright red and hot to the touch.

Let me backtrack a bit.

I called around noon to check on my dog. To see how it went, see how he did and all that good stuff. I was greeted with an attitude again. Was told they haven't seen him yet. I asked why not and was told they were not able to get him out of the cage. Now that has never been a problem before but whatever. She said she would call when he is done (with a don't call us we will call you attitude). I told her I would probably call back later to check anyway.

So I get a phone call around 1:15ish. The attitude is now sweeter than pie saying they are almost done and he should be ready to be picked up at 2:30. I say ok and that my MIL will be picking him up for us.

I get another sweeter than pie phone call at 2:20ish saying he is all done and can be picked up. Again I say my MIL is coming and that I told her about 2:30 so she should be there soon.

I then get a voice mail message from my MIL around 3:00 saying they are at our house and he is fine and cut short. BUT the total was $121.25.

WHAT!!!! I was expecting at most $75-$80. ($35 max (per attitude) for the grooming since we paid $30 last time, $20 additional sedation (per attitude), heartworm test I requested which I knew was $20 something. My mother in law took a check I signed and paid the balance when she picked him up.

So I call the vet's office and speak to Carol (front desk lady) who runs through the charges with me:
$40 grooming
$40 sedation
$25 heartworm test
$16.25 immunization shot due in August

I tell her that is not the amounts I was told earlier in the morning. I asked if I needed to speak to Marilyn (attitude) and she just transferrs me without warning. I told her that I didn't understand the charges and why they were so much more than she told me when I asked in the morning. We were going round and round. She was just trying to cover her ass and say she said it would be at least those amounts but it could be more. Bull. So I asked her who I needed to talk to about this and she said no-one. I asked her to transfer me back to Carol so I can ask her who I need to talk to. Before I know it the vet who owns the place was on the phone.

I am already not a big fan of this vet. I much prefer the other one that works in the office. We already feel he messed up my dog's surgery which resulted in him needed a second one a month later (which we had the other vet do). He gets bladder stones and needs to be on a prescription diet and take pills to balance the acid level in his urine. Maybe that is too much info but sorry.

Anyway, he gets on the phone with an attitude with me. I try to explain to him what is going on, why I am upset. All he can do is argue with me. So the more he tries to argue the more ticked I get. I am not one to start a fight but I also won't back down when I am dealing with the service we receive. I am firm believer you catch more bees with honey but sometimes you need the bug spray. In the end he said he would comp me the $5 difference from the grooming since he told this new groomer not to raise her prices more than $5 every 6 months and if I only paid $30 last time I shouldn't have paid $40 this time. But still argues the other $20 difference and the fact that he gave a shot without my consent (trying to save me another $25 by not having to bring him back in August). Ok fine but ask me first. He has no idea what my financial situation is and if I have the extra cash this time. So like I said he just continued to frustrate me with his attitude. So he finally says "I will comp you the $20 from the sedation but then I don't want you as a client".

WHAT THE H---!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been going to this vet for 9 years and this is the thanks I get for it. I have only had 2 problems in that whole time and each time this vet is so unprofessional and unkind that this was the straw that broke the yorkie's back.

So I called my SIL's vet and I will try there. I called them yesterday and they were very nice. I told them that he can be a biter and that we need prescription food and pills for him monthly. I wanted to make sure I could get another vet to provide the care we need before I told my current vet to pound salt. I had left it as I would let them know because I had to seriously think about that comment he made. But I was just buying time to contact someone else.

I wonder what has happened to the customer service in this day and age. And since when is an overcharge the customer's fault. I just feel if this is the way he wants to run his business I do not want to give him anymore of my money. He already has tons of it.

I am very sad about this and feel like this vet has completely betrayed us but just writing us off. We could have resolved this issue even if he ended up not giving us our money back but he had such a bad attitude right off the bat that he threw away any chance of having a positive outcome. Even though I don't want to support a person like this it is hard. Our dog is like our child and it is a bit scary to try somewhere new. But I am determined to get through my fear and hopefully we will all be better off for it.

Hang in there bud, we will make sure you are well taken care of.

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