Tuesday, June 27


My girl was the cutest Sugar Plum Fairy ever if I must say so myself.

I was so nervous for her before her first performance Friday night. She was just excited and not the least bit nervous. Good for her. I hope she keeps that self confidence (without being cocky) throughout her life. We did her hair in the obligatory ballerina bun. Did her makeup with lavender eye shadow with glitter, sparkly pink lip gloss and sparkly hair spray. She loves that she is allowed to wear makeup for recital. Normally she is only allowed to wear her lip gloss.

She is such a girlie girl who also loves to be active in sports. But she won't play in her little tykes playhouse too often, though. When I ask her why she says it needs to be cleaned out. But then when clean she says it still has too many bugs in it. Oh well. She will touch a worm though.
Which is more than I can say for myself.

She already wants to know when she can go on stage again. Have I mentioned I love this girlie girl?!

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