Saturday, April 14


I am so frustrated with my little craft project. It was a sewing project that I was quite excited about until I got into it.

You see I have never used fusible interfacing before and let me tell you I am not liking it so far.

I fused it to the proper side.

I then pinned my pieces together.

I tried to sew the front and the back together.

This is where the problems start. My thread keeps bunching up and breaking.

I have to rip it all out and I just had to step away.



Chelsea said...

I made Emily a pink camo blanket that her daddy asked me to make. My suggested I do some outlining of some of the "camo spots" but after just trying to sew the soft minky fabric together I have said, ah it's sewn together so what if it's not embroidered, maybe I will get adventursome later!

Cathy said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment you left on my site. You asked me about interfacing, what type are you using? And what material are you interfacing?