Monday, April 30

How To Generate More Traffic

In the spirit of Jennifer's Blog Carnival I am going to post a little something something about how to get more people to see your blog.

Ha. As if I really know anything about that.

All I really know is that it helped me tremendously to comment on other people's blogs. Once I found some that I liked to read myself I just started to post comments. It brought those people back to my site as well as some others.

I get a bit weirded out by the unknown weirdos who may be out there but thankfully I have only met really nice people. Knock on wood I haven't had any bad comments from anyone as well as nothing that has wanted me to password protect my blog.

So that is my great and wonderful advice that no one has been able to live without. hee hee

And I have one more trick
- participate in a blog carnival. ;-)

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