Monday, April 16

Flying Saucers

Belle and I were in a store shopping on Saturday.

She is being silly and loudly saying things like, "Mommy, watch out there is a bear behind you"
and "Mommy, watch out there is a lion over there that is going to get you. Watch out!"

And then, "Mommy, watch out there is a flying saucer over your head!"

I of course crack up.

I ask her if she knows what a flying saucer is.

She tells me, "It is something that flies spilling sauce"

I stop right there in the store and give her a great big hug and tell her how much she makes me laugh and that her description makes total sense but that is not what a flying saucer is.

I tell her it is like a spaceship that carries aliens. I also ask her if she knows what an alien is.

Oh boy because she doesn't know what an alien is. And without wanting to go into the whole what is life thing and how it may be possible we are the only planet with life but then again we may not be and aliens may just be something people have made up in their minds and in movies. But you definitely don't want to be abducted by them just in case they are real and they really do perform tests on us mere humans since we may or may not be smarter than aliens. blah blah blah.

I just asked her if she remembered the movie where "hitch" (will smith) was in a different movie that he had to get the bad monsters (aliens) and wore a black suit. Thankfully (or not) she remembered even though I didn't let her watch that whole movie (too many guns) and then it was smooth sailing from there.

Who knows what she really got out of that but I know I got a great memory. My girl definitely cracks me up (in a great way)!

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