Tuesday, April 24


So last Saturday was my birthday.

I usually don't get excited about my birthday because they tend to be crappy days.

But for the most part Saturday was a pretty good day. I got to spend the morning with Belle since my husband went fishing. She had soccer practice then I planned on taking her to our favorite local ice cream shop that just re-opened Saturday for the summer. So my first bummer part was the fact that my husband came home earlier than expected and was able to go with us. I wouldn't have minded that really but that meant his mom had to come with us. I usually don't care about that either but I was really looking forward to it being just Belle and I.

Then we went home and I still had to clean the bathroom and poop scoop from our little dog. There is just something wrong with dealing with poop on your birthday. But hey someone had to do it if we were going to let people see our bathroom and also play on the grass in the back yard. So that was my second bummer of the day. My husband told me if he had cleaned it that I just would have gone and done it again anyway. As this may be partially true I would have only had to do a double check.

Everyone came over and we all had a good time but again it was up to me to get out all of the food and then clean up. Nobody really helped. I couple people offered but at that point I was almost done. I even tried to leave some stuff in the sink but no one stepped up to take over. The only dishes I wanted to wash were my good serving pieces. But other than that it was free game. Sadly I don't have a dishwasher.

All in all I had a good birthday. Nearly perfect. It just is such a downer for me because I get such mixed emotions going. I don't like to be the center of attention but yet it would be so nice if I was just pampered and had something truly special done for me. Maybe someday that will happen.

My birthday has also lighted the fire under me to get a move on with my weight loss efforts. I am really trying to be a good little ww member and write down my foods. I would love to lose 25 pounds by the time Belle goes to kindergarten. I realize that is a lofty goal but a girl has to aim high. Yesterday I did pretty good and I am trying to do even better today. We will see how it goes.


Lauri said...

John would say that I would just "redo stuff" as well. Sorry you had to scoop poop on your birthday... thats no fun

sorry you did not get your time alone with Belle...

Parties are alot of work.... you deserve to be pampered.

Happy Birthday....

Diana said...

Happy belated birthday! I think next time, you should have your birthday at a restaurant. Some one else can do the food and dishes. Doesn't have to be fancy, just easy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Sounds like you had a good time, even if you did have to clean up after.

Chelsea said...

Lauren I had a mixed emotions day on Saturday for my birthday as well. I did a few things on my own since hubby had to work but then his whole family forgot my birthday and did not even call, not even his mother. I felt pretty unimportant to that side of the family. I don't need a big stink but just one of them remembering would be nice, I mean really, there are 6 kids plus his parents, grandma and none of them remembered!