Wednesday, April 25


I realize as I type this that the argument can be made that I watch too much TV. I am not arguing back. I do watch too much.

Thankfully I don't sit in front of the TV all night long every night.

And more often than not I fall asleep while trying to watch. But once it is 8:00-9:00pm on Sunday through Thursday I have shows I like to see. If I miss them, though, I don't worry as my trusty tiv*o box will record them for me.

I try to catch up in the mornings while I am getting ready for work. I fast forward through a lot of the crafty or talk show shows and only watch the parts that interest me.

But what I hate more than anything is if a new show is on and you start to watch it. You get involved in the story line and then without notice it isn't on this week. Or next. Or the week after that. After awhile you start to wonder if you have just missed it. Did they switch days? Or the dreaded is it cancelled thoughts creep in.

There are several shows lately that this has happened to me on. So today I decided to search for the info to know the answer.

I already knew that The Vanishing was taken off but I don't have time to watch the episodes on the computer so that I can know once and for all what happened to the senators wife and was she really who she said she was.

But I found out that Veronica Mars has been cancelled. This was a culty type of show but it was good. Granted not as good as it had been in the past but still good.

I struggled with The Black Donnellys and The Wedding Bells but still got to know the characters.

I am glad that Jericho may have been saved from the cutting room floor as I really like this show.

Also that Friday Night Lights seems that it will be back next year for a second season.

Now granted I have many other shows that I watch such as The Apprentice, Extreme Home Makeover, Dancing with the Stars, American Idal, ER, Lost, Real World and Road Rules Challenges, Greys Anatomy, Ugly Betty, House, and I am sure there are others.

My TV is anything but quiet. There are many a time that I like to leave it turned off on a weekend morning but that only lasts until someone else in the house wakes up.

I just need closure with the shows they get you interested in and then throw out without so much as a goodbye.


Anonymous said...

WHAT!!?? Veronica Mars was cancelled? I hadn't read that anywhere. Now I am officially PISSED OFF! That was my fav show.
Joe would tease me about it 'cause I'm...y'know....old & stuff...
41 y.o. mother of 2 watching a show for 20 year olds. meh. Go suck a lemon, hubby.

I was actually starting to enjoy The Black Donnelly's. Then they took it away. Oh well, June brings back The Closer & a new season of The Sheild just started.

Anonymous said...

OK. You scared me there for a minute... I just checked the CW website according to the "shows" tab, VM starts back up on May 1st.

BTW... I spelled Shield wrong.

Lauri said...

I cant seem to stay awake for much these days.... especially now since lost is on late.

I like the wedding bells but never know when its on? I sometimes seem to catch it.

I also like House and recently caught an episode of a show I think called " brothers & sisters"
It was pretty good