Monday, April 9

Happy Easter

What a great weekend. I got most of my lists finished. Had time to enjoy things.

And most importantly my girl had so much fun as did the other kids.

We had some bad weather which forced the egg hunt inside which turned out to be fun. Except when someone broke the ceramic on my double crock pot. At least it wasn't something I use very often. I can probably do without it.

When I asked Belle what her favorite part of the day was she told me it was the egg hunt with a huge smile on her face and her shoulders pulled up in excitement. I guess it didn't hurt that she found the "golden" egg worth a prize of $10.


Maggie said...

I'm glad you both had a nice Easter!

Jenn said...

Far better finding the golden egg than wondering what that smell is in a couple of weeks...we had ONE indoor egg hunt with real eggs. Thought it went well until a week later and hours spent searching for the one that was obviously forgotten.